You seen this? (prob not)

You Heard? I’m hosting SmallBiz Antiracist VIP Day, 6/30—Let’s Chat to Save Your Seat!

And in case you missed it, this Maine SmallBiz basically blew up the Cancel Me Quick panic button on Monday. Like the rest of us, they shut down doors on Juneteenth. Unlike the rest of us, these racist AF fools posted a sign shouting, “Juneteenth ~it’s whatever…We’re closed. Enjoy your fried chicken and collard greens.”

Not kidding, shit really happened. And I know this is 💯 💯 not your branded idea of even a bad joke. 

But here’s the thing—How’s Your SmallBiz Different?

You may not land on NPR’s cancel-these-fcn-idiots-quick crawl, but the damn truth is you’re probably leading or working at a company that totally means well but has no fcn clue how to clambake any kind of impactful antiracism into your core offer and culture. 

Nope. Performative gestures like some quick hires or big statements with SAT words don’t count.

And I get it: You know not to post dumb shit like that Maine joker. But what about the proactive stuff? 

Basically, when it comes to antiracism, is your brand on defense or playing to shape the game?

Cause if you don’t have a gameplan, you’re perpetuating a problem. 

Maine alone has taken 418 years of radioactive damage to get here. To this moment, where an insurance co. owner can post some horseshit like that on their front door. A person operating in an industry with sickening skeletons from its slave profits.

Aetna, AIG and New York Life Insurance first introduced life insurance policies as slave insurance policies. Archives today hold about 1,300 antebellum-era slave policies and scholars say 85% of the record is missing. Do the math. 

💰How much gawddamn money is that? And how has that wealth multiplied over generations? 

Whatever your work: How has your industry benefited from slave money? 

And what are you doing today, to uproot the financial inequity you’re likely benefiting from?

I’ve got a few more spots June 30 for SmallBiz VIP Day. Yup, we’re gonna get in the weeds answering these questions—specific to your brand—and we’re def coming up with a game plan that’ll have you win. Plus, you’ll hear from Cupcakes & Cashmere Founder Emily Schuman about what integrating antiracism has looked like in an evolving lifestyle brand.

Let’s Chat about getting you that seat. 

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📣💥p.s. what’s an SmallBiz VIP Day? here’s more info 

p.s.s. Did I really just use a sports analogy that didn’t include fashion?!? WTF😱 #BlameMaine

p.s.s.s. the history of the insurance industry is a mo-fcr; this article scratches the surface; the industry’s love fest with slavery stretches back to CT companies backing planters in the Caribbean.