Racism Sucks

Ready to Unfc us?

The Antiracist Work.Kin.Cure is a Master Course on Dismantling White Supremacy–inside out.

Work with Magogodi – born into apartheid South Africa, now a leader recognized by Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel. You may have seen her in The BBC, The New York Times or The Washington Post. 

Reimagine Whiteness – Ditch the Guilt & Do the Work. Turn your good intentions and overwhelm into purposeful and joyful action—at work, around the dinner table and even in uncomfortable conversation. 

After 6 weeks of The Antiracist Work.Kin.Cure, you’ll be ready to release shame and claim activism. Leave insecurity behind and feel confident leading hard conversation. You’ll leave grounded in your purpose undoing oppression.

By the end of the program you’ll be ready to…

Release Shame & Claim Activism

White guilt and shame helps no one. Sure, acknowledging your privilege is critical, but it doesn’t solve racism.

Knowing without acting skewers you in shame-purgatory. You must act. 

You’ll learn how to confront your shame without self-hate so you can devote your energy to impactful action.

Confidently Do Hard Things

Insecure talking about race? Unsure you’re the right person to lead the conversation? Learn how to lean into your vulnerability to fuel honest and sometimes raw exchanges for real and sustainable change. 

You’ll also learn how to gauge when to lead vs. follow. How to trust your gut when your gut has been programmed toward anti-black reflexes.

Take Purposeful Action

Marching, signing petitions and cutting checks are all critical, but you need a strategy that pours your unique genius into your everyday antiracism. 

You’ll learn how to connect your singular life purpose with your burning itch to unfc us all from white supremacy. 

Heal Racialized Trauma

Become the reason your family stops passing on racism’s bone deep scars like an heirloom.

Understand how racism shows up and how you can disrupt that racialized trauma through integrated mind-body-spirit work centered in joy. Zero masochism parading as antiracism. 

Meet Your Head Coach, Magogodi

Everyday, you choose between Courage & Comfort. Which Do You Choose Today?

Hey friend—I’m Magogodi, she/her.

Professional anti-BS since I could run my mouth. Seriously, ask my momma! Even got fancy awards from Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel, NYU and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop to prove it.

You may have heard me bigging up humanity on The BBC, The Washington Post orThe New York Times. Or maybe you’ve heard me speak on a CreativeMornings stage, at London School of Economics, Georgetown University or the U.N. 

I grew up in apartheid Soweto. Translation? I got a front row seat to how an apocalypse ends if you brand it in white supremacy then fry that mess up in some Nazi-grade hot sauce, just for good measure 👀🤯—Shit was w.i.y.l.d! But it also gave me a first rate education on real resilience—what it takes to dismantle oppression every.single.day—folks without fancy titles choosing radical love, courage over comfort for purposeful action unfc’ing us all from racism’s bad hot sauce mixes! And that, my friend, is what we’ll do together over this 6 week adventure. 

Buckled-up and Ready? 

See you inside The Antiracist Work.Kin.Cure

Monster Hugs,

Live Coaching with individualized attention. Plus a cohort of peers you’ll want in your life long after we wrap.

Self-paced Learning with Lifetime Access to your video training modules and Actionable worksheets.

Black, Brown+Queer Women Teachers in your Resource Library of readings, podcasts, films, recipes and art shows.

Arts-based Curriculum that draws on 5,000+yrs of Aboriginal, African, Asian and Native American knowledge.

Will You Be A Work.Kin. Ally?

The Antiracist Work.Kin.Cure

Through Work.Kin.Culture, I began to notice the releasing of shame and moving into a more loving activism that can affect more change than guilt entrenched whiteness, which often leads to white saviors.

Jane Wieder, Writer, Sherman CT.
The Antiracist Work.Kin.Cure

The “safe space” buzz word gets thrown around like nothing these days but Work.Kin.Culture truly lived up to that without stating it explicitly time after time. I would recommend Work.Kin.Culture to white women who have done some initial thinking around how to become anti-racist but need guidance in deepening their understanding.

Allegra Gilfenbaum, Artist & Entrepreneur, Brooklyn NY
The Antiracist Work.Kin.Cure

Work.Kin.Culture was a breath of fresh air, a game-changer. I came into Work.Kin.Culture with insecurity talking about racism and white privilege and my purpose as a leader working against current realities. Work.Kin.Culture helped me feel steadier in my ability to raise hard conversations with an open and humble heart.

Theresa Jenkinson, Nonprofit Executive, Philadelphia, PA
The Antiracist Work.Kin.Cure

Work.Kin.Culture’s weekly gatherings were so spiritually nourishing. I now feel more grounded. It felt so comforting to be reminded that, across the country, there was a group of women doing this work alongside me, and that we were doing it alongside so many others around the world.

Sophia Federighi, Founder Priestess, Seattle WA
The Antiracist Work.Kin.Cure

In reading and learning, I was gaining facts and knowledge about racism and its impacts, but not having a personal experience of fully examining and trying to root out racism in my own way of thinking. The chance to do that made me say yes to Work.Kin.Culture.

Ruth Moors D’Eredita, Writer, Vienna VA

1. PreScreen

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2. Pay

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3. Pull up

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Sounds Dope. Right for Me Though?

Made to help you disrupt white supremacy at any point in your journey:

Motivated Beginner:

Summer 2020 opened your eyes to how you’ve unwittingly upheld white supremacy. You dream of making real change, but you’re kindda overwhelmed, with no clue how to start and keep going.

Work.Kin.Cure Gives You Accountability. Get Started Sustainably–Minus the Burnout.

Skeptical Changemaker:

You’ve long identified your unearned privilege; but crave kinship with folks doing the work. You’ve read plenty of books and taken a couple courses but still feel like something is missing. 

Work.Kin.Cure Gives You A DopeAF Community. Plus Aligns Pleasure+Power with Your Purpose.

Longtime Rebel:

You work in the social impact space but haven’t always paid attention to racial justice. You’re curious about your blind spots and what non-Western cultures and going beyond white feminism can teach you. 

Work.Kin.Cure Deepens Your Self-Awareness. And Schools You Beyond Eurocentric Lens.

100% Moneyback Guarantee

We guarantee your money back.

We ask for two basic receipts:

  • Show us how you’ve implemented our teachings within first 7 days of course
  • Tell us how we failed to satisfy you

We’ll give you 100% money-back refund and recommend 3 other resources that may be a better fit for your growth.

What Happens After I Join?


After completing payment, expect your Welcome Packet via email. You’ll also get a calendar invite to block your weekly 90min window—Save This To Your Calendar. We’ll be in your emails, so make sure you save us in your primary inbox.

Now start practicing your Happy Dance—It’s about to get Lit!


How Much Time Will Work.Kin.Cure Require Of Me?

Work.Kin.Cure is a 6 week all-virtual course. Core curriculum is released weekly in self-paced videos and worksheets. Live coaching sessions are a 60min weekly commitment Thursdays, 1230P EST. Time you invest in nourishing servings of required + suggested readings depends on your schedule.

How Many People Will Be Enrolled With Me?

We purposefully keep cohorts intimate to build real community. Expect feeling like you’re in the most inclusive private school.

I Don’t Live In The U.S. Is Work.Kin.Cure Right For Me?

Absolutely! Work.Kin.Cure is led by a black South African woman with lived experience across 3 continents. Our coursework is purposefully designed with a global focus.

I Don’t Identify As A White Woman, Is Work. Kin.Cure Right For Me?

While this course is specifically designed for white-identifying women, we recognize that in any society steeped in racism—dare you to name one that isn’t—white supremacy lives in all of us. If you don’t identify as white and you’re still interested in Work.Kin.Cure, please reach out and we’ll be glad to serve you, if you’re a fit. Book a call here.

Please note our definition of woman includes all humans who identify with that experience. Come through trans, queer, gender non-conforming women!

I Believe In Love, I’m Not Sure About Black Lives Matter. Should I Still Join?

No. Work.Kin.Cure is not for you if you’re still debating if you have white privilege or live in a society with gross structural racism, no matter where on Earth you live. We’re not in the business of converting anyone or arguing against 500+ years of our ancestors’ lived experience.

How Much Does Work.Kin.Cure Cost?

$1,989USD one time payment. Or 3 easy month payments of $663USD/mo.

Can I Get A Refund?

We offer a 100% Your Money Back Guarantee.
If we don’t help you grow as a Leader and Antiracist, we guarantee your money back.

We ask for two basic receipts:
1. Show us how you’ve implemented our teachings within first 7 days of the course
2. Tell us how we failed to satisfy you

Share this in writing and we’ll give you a 100% money-back refund and recommend 3 other resources that may be a better fit for your growth.

Do You Offer Scholarships?

Yes. We offer a limited and competitive number of scholarships. To apply, read our weekly newsletter where we share application dates and information, as available.

How Can I Get My Workplace To Sponsor My Seat?

Work.Kin.Cure is a leadership program designed to help you level up at work. Ask your boss to co-invest in your leadership development. Use this sample email

Can I Do A Work Trade For A Seat?

No. We don’t offer any work exchanges. Check out our scholarship option.

Can I Join With My Friend/Partner/Teammate?

Absolutely! Please remember every individual will need to enroll separately. Work.Kin.Cure nourishes your body, spirit and mind—you can’t split our servings and still respect our intellectual property rights. And Trust, you’re not gonna wanna share!

How Do I Reach Out With A Different Question?

Email us at assistant@lovekindcure-development.mystagingwebsite.com. Expect to hear from us within 3 business days, Monday-Friday, 9A-5P EST.