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Hey! I’m Magogodi

Here’s my sermon:

you’re stronger and braver than you think. 
And chances are, you don’t give yourself enough credit for your strength and everyday courage. I’ll put money on the table that you don’t see how much your very Being changes lives. I’m willing to bet you regularly forget that in every decision, you could change the course of human history. And I get it, you’re also just one human. You take in the news and think, wtf—how am I supposed to do anything about all that? 

That’s where this magical slice of the innernets comes in. I help you step into your courage so you can change the shit that really gets your goat. But first—have we met?

You’ve Likely Seen Me On

Will You Unfc Us All?

Look. Racism sucks. It turns school districts into book banners and your otherwise nice relatives into strangers speaking a foreign gobbledygook. Add patriarchy and homophobia to the mix and you’re almost guaranteed to shut down—when you really mean to speak up.

How are you—just one human—supposed to unfuck humanity from so much oppression? 

Antiracism? But you have to do that perfectly or risk getting canceled, right? Ok. So full time activism? What about your FT job and FT mom life while trying to self-care? Shyyyt. Well maybe you can just stew in guilt, knowing you should want to do more. But where the heck to start?

Park The Guilt & Do The Werk

Nope. You’re not crazy. You’re just trying to do alone what can only be tackled in community. No single human has ever uprooted oppression. Peep the books. Not even Mandela! So how’s that been working out for you? 🙈👀 Not so great? Again, you’re not crazy:

Anyone can drive meaningful change. Yup. Looking at you. 

What you need is the community, coaching and actionable tools to grow from overwhelm to unleashing your singular gifts toward world-unfcery. Without quitting your day job, canceling folks or doing antiracism perfectly. Stick around here to learn how to speak up and call folks in with confidence, no matter how uncomfortable the conversation. And how about uprooting your own bias? Without getting dragged on socials. Join us for the support, accountability and even joy you need to park the guilt and start driving real antiracist change.

Take A Course

Insecure talking about racism and your role and responsibility addressing it? Worried you’re not doing enough to uproot internalized racism? Even after reading all the damn books and learning all the facts? Or maybe you wanna know, when’s an ally to pipe up and lead vs when should they follow? 

Get the Antiracist Workin.Cure in your life
Over 6 weeks, you’ll get live coaching to align your unique gifts, work and purpose with how only you can dismantle white supremacy. You’ll get the confidence to tackle hard conversations and practice making your workplace more antiracist. And you’ll walk away with a powerful and personalized masterclass roster of Black and brown women teachers to continue learning from. And a community of badasses to keep you accountable long after our 6 weeks.

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