Stressed? Take this 15 second challenge!

I’m living through a Rooooyal fish canned in a cocoon kinddaa wtf moment. In other words, going through huge life changes and I’m just trying to stay buckled in for the ride. And in English words sans metaphors: shit’s getting Real real. Your girl’s shoocketh at all the uncertainty that’s surely waiting for me (ie. said fish) once I bust out of this cocoonish moment.

Been here before? Uncertainty? How about daily stress?

Money Stress.

Health Stress.

Career Stress.

Family Stress.

Partner Stress. 

Childcare Stress.

Heartbreak Stress.

I’m Too Fcn Cute to Sweat/Work/Hustle like this Stress…

Body in A Bikini Stress (hold up, Gen X—I’m all for body positivity but let’s stop pretending its not a process…like, on the daily! )

Check any or all of the above? Wheeew—I thought you was gonna leave me out on a lurch. Cause I know you been there! We all have. Maybe you’re circling one of these rabbit holes right now. 

And here’s my AHA: Who would you be if you put your worry/stress/anxiety down just for 15 seconds?

Not sure? Try it. Read this how-to then put your screen down: 

  1. Focus on your mind on that stress you stay peddling! That shouldn’t be hard
  2. Next, focus your mind on your favorite human. See them? Ok. Stay there 
  3. Take 10 solid breaths, sending them that creepy woo-woo telepathic love. Feel it?
  4. Nice. Now Focus on just 5 more breaths and nothing else. In & out—Yup, That’s it!

Tried it? OK. Here’s the real fcn magic—who were you for those 15 secs? 

Better still, who would you become if you expanded those 15 seconds into 15 hours? 

Understand. Letting go of constant worry/doubt/anxiety/stress isn’t saying fc you to solving real life problems. And we all go to those. From facing white supremacy to waking up without reproductive rights to forking over $100 for a parking ticket. 

All I’m asking is simple. Who would you be if you released the constant churn in your head that stays peddling whatever’s got you shooketh? 

Me? I actually wasn’t sleeping. Real talk. And I actually heard this Radio playing on loop first thing in the morning. I was NOT having that shit. So I called out my ancestors. I meditated. And I found myself asking the very question I’m asking you right now. 


That’s what I realized I’d gain. I’d be free. That was about two month ago. I’m still living through a big bang moment. That’s ok. I accept that. I’m just not harassing myself with every crazy stress point related to the uncertainty ahead.

Who knows—that uncharted territory might even expand me.

Big L,