Say Yes: You+Me June 30

Today’s heart to heart is for my entrepreneurial superstars who could use some antiracism hot sauce. Is that you?

Join me Thursday June 30 for this one-time:

Masterclass on Social Impact & Purpose-Driven Storytelling, 6/30

Here’s the facts: 60% of Americans expect brands like yours to get involved in social causes; 90% if you ask Gen Z!

But how to strategically get your brand behind a social cause on a small biz budget? 

Without hiring a pricey inclusion team or turning into a political campaign? You gotta get clear on your brand’s social purpose, that’s how. And connect this greater purpose to your core offer, at every step of your value chain. 

What if I walked you through The Big How in one day?

And packed you a take-home goodie bag with BANK: a Bespoke, Audacious Next-level Action plan?

That’s exactly what you’ll get out of this VIP masterclass, Small Biz Antiracist Glow Up. 

Let me help you:

⚡️Turbo-charge your offer’s emotional connection with consumers by strengthening and sharing your what with your organic why in a powerful way

⚡️Leapfrog your brand’s growth, using game-changing advice from household name brand leaders you admire

⚡️Renew your chutzpah and entrepreneurial joy juice through hands-on coaching to clarify how your life purpose could further fuel your brand

Want in? Grab your seat here

Did I mention this is a one-time offer for a handful of baddies? These are women and femmes you NEED on your rolodex. 

And Yup. It’s all-virtual. Don’t sleep—you know your brand needs this.

p.s. stats: Edelman research