Ok, Siri. Riddle me this

Feel the burn yet? By that I mean, the financial side effects of Putin’s shit-show. Cause let me tell you—my 365/Abundance Mindset is shooketh! 

We’re forking over $5 at the pump for barely enough gas to drive round the block. Ghanains are now paying 45% more for bread than they were at the beginning of 2022! Meanwhile, millennials are not just drowning in debt—they’re a generation 11% behind previous generations’ wealth; up from lagging 40% behind in 2016 👀🙈

So please riddle me this, what happens when the American Dream—that sacrosanct money making scheme—comes to a halt?

Faith Ringgold, The Flag Is Bleeding (from The Times).

Culture wars, that’s what! Or at least that’s what mainstream media wants you to believe.

That blue collar workers (code translation: tax paying white America) care more about inflation and gas prices; ie. bread and butter issues of Republicans. And that college grads (coastal white elites) get more worked up about abortion rights, “identity politics” and global warming, which means yup…they’re definitely in bed with Democrats.

But let me just call bullshit on that conveniently divisive narrative and point out America’s system’s wide economic problem. A problem that’s inherently and always been about a few fat cats benefiting at the expense of everyone else.

This economic problem is as old as America. Check the receipts: free enslaved labor. Then free chain gang labor. Then near-free Great Migration workers and low-rung European migrants. And now near-free undocumented labor. 

And while white America has largely been shielded from this problem—by enjoying regular scraps and spoils from the main fat cat table—the cotton candy wool is now gone with the wind. Nice white middle class folks, and their millennial children especially, are feeling the burn, alongside historically free labor. 

Which makes me chuckle at busy body narratives pitting blue collar workers vs. college grads. 

📣🧨That shit is a lie.

Sugar Baby, Kara Walker.

And it’s an important lie because it keeps you from seeing how much your economic bleeding is by design. 

It’s got nothing to do with Republicans vs. Democrats. 

Blue collar workers, so-called coastal elites straddled in bewildering debt and black working mothers hardest hit by the decline–we’re all in that $5/gallon line. We’re all counting pennies against rising interest rates. 

Sure, some of us (black, trans, undocumented folks) feel the pinch far more than others. The average white millennial family still has 🤑 $88,000 in wealth compared to $5,000 for a black millennial fam.

But while we squabble over what matters more: affordable housing vs. protecting trans women’s lives—how’s that a fcn choice? The super rich get our elected leaders to write rules in their favor.  

So pls. Wake up. There are no culture wars. 

There’s plenty distractions and petty side shows designed to keep you from seeing everything you’d gain from moving past us working folks vs. them college snobs. Or those deplorables vs. the real America. 

🤥 Us vs. Them was always a tired narrative. Now that shit’s not even profitable.