Got Innards?

BIG Big News today. 

A few weeks ago, in a letter about Hedgebrook, I hinted at a project that’s coming to fruition. Well, drumroll please!!!! Because today you’re getting the full and early scoop:

📣💥: My debut book—Innards—launches Spring 2023! 💃🏾⚡️💃🏾⚡️💃🏾📣

Yup. I’m having a book baby. Innards has been part of my life for something like 11 years. And in some ways, you could say I’ve been writing this book my whole life. And in earnest, I’ve sat and committed daily to my craft since 2014. 

The road to this book is paved with self-love. Because writing saved me. 

The book unpacks the many things I’d been carrying inside me without a name for so many years—white supremacy, surviving apartheid, rape culture, making sense of America, finding and making love. Heck, even that one time I fell in an immersive hole of black acid rock ‘n roll and Soweto’s spiffiest young bucks burning money on the Youtubes! Of course, looking at all this wasn’t always fun or easy, but there were so many moments of wild, stupid joy writing Innards. And downright funny shit. I can’t wait to get this book in your hands. 😝🤓

This is fiction from the inside of an often overlooked or misunderstood culture and identity, written with the hope of freeing myself first from white supremacy; and sharing what I’ve learned with you. 

In the coming few months, I’m also sharing from behind the scenes of book writing, everything I’m learning about the business of writing—the kind of stuff you don’t learn in an MFA or over the internets. 

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