Wow. Please. Thank You

Here’s what we’re not gonna do: New Year Resolutions.

Here’s what we’re gonna get into: Thanksgiving for the adventure that’s been 2022. And how? This beautiful recipe I’m straight up stealing from Beacon’s Hebrew Alliance’s Rabbi Brent:

Wow. Please. Thank You.

I heard somewhere if you never say any other prayer, the most potent is just Thank You.

1. Let’s start there. What are you most thankful for, from this past year?

Write it down. And like Auntie O says, make it specific. Make it a list of 5 things you’re deeply grateful for, which wouldn’t have happened without 2022.

I’m grateful for the fruition of a really long and beautiful road with my debut fiction, Innards, coming out next year. I’m grateful for my team who made it happen, especially Nicole, Tom and Nneoma. 🔥🤗.

And I’m grateful for life.  I can’t believe the epicness of the next adventure coming my way.  Scared AF and excited and all the fcn jigglies. But mostly like WOW.

2. That Wow-Factor: What smacked your ass to the floor with wonder this year?

Like I said, my body really shocked me with its gore and glory. I had no idea how beastly these parts get until pregnancy happened. What a humbling and moving and deeply alien experience 😳😊. PURE MOST REALEST WOW

And also, everything Oaxaca was an epic Yes, WOW:

3. Ask. Nicely. Start with Please: What did 2022 help you yearn for even more?

I love this invitation to burrow deeper into who you are. Who you’re meant to be. As in, what would you love to experience and offer that’s a deeper manifestation of you? Can you name that inner calling? Can you see yourself more fully embodying it in the year ahead? And what are 3 simple things you can commit to doing starting today–that help you move just 1 inch closer to living that Yes. Please. More prayer?

I’m going with big adventure. Oaxaca was a big bang starting the year. I’m so filled with the colors, life and vibrancy of those 3+ months. And I’m so hungry for living from that place of deep adventure. Not even about the flash, more about the spirit and orientation of life as one gargantuan slice of juicy goodness concocted just for me.

What would happen if you believed that magic potion of whatever you’re asking for is already being shipped to your door? If you lived your life understanding this:

The Universe Got Your Back!

Hope you’re recharging this holiday season. And hope you take this exercise and make it useful in your one magical and adventurous life.

Big L,


​p.s. speaking of adventure—I wrote a whole book diving into my own wild+tender inner landscape of South Africa. INNARDS drops May 2023. Preorder Here.