How Do You Find Inspiration?

I don’t.

And the day you stop waiting to “find inspiration”, that’s the day your book project becomes a real, living and breathing thing in the world.

Why? Cause you grow the fc up.

You realize that inspiration is to writing as butterflies are to muscular, long-term love.

What do I mean by that? I mean this: remember falling in love? Remember the utter brain flip all your organs seemed to summersault at the fresh (dare I say inspired 🤪😝) way you now saw life? Remember those butterflies in your stomach? And how an hour spent kissing seemed like a perfectly reasonable use of an late autumn day?

Ok. Now press fast forward on that same relationship. Love still strong, but matured.

Maybe y’all built a life together. Which means demands on your ass like a hungry baby nibbling at your breast on a late autumn day or holiday shopping to scurry out the door and get done quick. And what happened to those butterflies? Have they metamorphosized into the gift of comfy weekends in sweats and being the most you you’ll ever be—farts, warts, weird wonders and all—around another human?

Nice. Sounds like you get the picture: that first Big Bang spark of inspiration must evolve.

Your inspiration’s evolution is a sign of your creativity flexing its maturing muscles.

You can’t get those muscles without doing the reps. And you can’t do the reps on repeat—with consistency—if you’re sitting on your ass all day waiting for inspiration. That’d be like waiting for the butterflies to kick in before building the life you deserve, with or without a partner!

You gotta get to werq, hun!

Get consistentbefore inspiration strikes you. That’s actually how inspiration finds you.

And as you deepen your commitment to your creativity, your inspiration will evolve beside you too. That Big Bang Lightening won’t strike everyday, but right when you need it most—Kazaaaam⚡️🔥🧨! You’ll get a spark that opens up a gnarly plot line, or you’ll hear the clear voice of a character who’d been blocked.

So. When was your last Big Bang of writing inspiration? What did it teach you about your process?