Black Winter Travel

Winter is NOT my thing.

Ya’ll know that. I keep a bag packed alongside all the Black Friday pandemonium to make my exit first chance. Nothing tastes as delicious to me as ringing in the new year in full body sweat, skimpy swimsuit reminding me of just how much plumpness the holidays gift my already ample ass 😝

But this year? All I hear is God laughing at my cute little plans!

No flying home to escape the cold in Cape Town, spanking brand newborn in tow. But my friend. Just cause I’m off travel for the next few weeks, don’t mean I can’t dream. Or share some places with you in case you’re planning a quick winter escape.

Here’s Your Winter Guide To Travel, minus the discrimination:

  1. Want Black Curated Experiences? Check out Noirbnb. Find places to stay and eat picked because they offer a standout experience and they’re committed to making sure the neighbors don’t call the cops on a house full of black folks cause, you know. The house is gorgeous and the blacks airbnb’ing it “look” like they don’t belong
  2. Can You Carnival? Head to Trinidad for Feb. Little known facts about me–I started my college years in Minnesota. Of all places. College of St. Bens. There were a loooot of Trinnies on campus with us, and daymmmn—did they bring the funk! I’d never seen waists grind like that or Carnival pics that made me salivate like that. My sob story? I’m still yet to do Carnival in Trinidad. Don’t be like me. Go. Consider supporting Esha and Tarik Davis and their black family-owned carnival company, Trinidad Carnival Packages.
  3. Dakar Biennale, 2024. Ok, so this one is more like late May-June. But if you’re down for the best art orgyfest on the continent, Dakar is a must. I follow Dakar-based hot girl Lee Lutumba on the gram for behind the scenes takes on Dakar and great tips on where to stay with a full heaping of luxe. And if I was planning your trip, I’d make it a longer stay before the Biennale begins, both to escape the cold and to immerse in African culture.

If you’re going away, send me a digital postcard. Seriously. Tag me on the gram if you like @magogodimakhene or just respond to this email with your drool worthy show off pics. And if I ever make it out of nursing and baby diapers 😂, you know you’re getting splashed with my Made It snaps!

Stay Sunny,