What is Love as a Kind of Cure?

We’re working to dismantle white supremacist patriarchy, from the inside-out. Our signature approach weaves art, wellness & social justice into experiential learning. Our core offers are Work.Kin.Culture, a 6-week antiracist leadership course and live events.

Our Story

Toni Morrison brought coFounders Cleyvis & Magogodi together. As two black women writers, we knew we wanted to honor Morrison—on the page and beyond—so we threw her an epic, standing room only Birthday Bash at the Brooklyn Museum. Within days, Covid-19 blacked out the world stage and we saw firsthand how white supremacy exacerbates even a pandemic.

And so, we got to work offering Love As A Kind Of Cure—a place of connection, conversation and mindful action in the face of daunting darkness.

So many of us hear the news and feel both overwhelm and a strong urge to do something helpful. But where to even start, dismantling something as mammoth as white supremacy?

We’re here to help you figure that out, by mustering the everyday courage to define and live your anti-racist purpose. If you want to grow and lead with love, you belong here.