💥📣Freedom Festival, June16-19

These past two weeks have been A LOT!

Like honestly, WTF? Within 10 days and 2 headline stories, 32 lives—including 19 children—have been gunned down by America’s refusal to protect our lives over protecting hate. 

What the fc are you supposed to do—as just 1 human—in the face of such savage carnage? 

Honest answer? I have no fcn idea. I’m one human. I’m as overwhelmed and tired of this shit as you are. But you can bet your pretty pennies I’m not taking this lying down. And I’m 💯 certain you can’t uproot America’s sickness without unmasking the real source of inertia, even when babies’ lives are on the line: white supremacy and anti-black fear. There’s no sustainable solution to gun safety or abortion or hate crimes in America that doesn’t mandate a raw and real look at how racism blinds us.

This interactive workshop is designed to help you take mindful action

Grow From Overwhelm To Connecting Your Purpose WithTaking Action, so you can start fixing the batshitcrazythat gets your goat everytime you hear the newsI’ll also walk you through the process I use to stay in my joy while doing my bit to squash white supremacy. 

And you know there’s more—3rd Annual Freedom Festival, June 16-19:

  1. THU 5/16: Celebrate Juneteenth—Fireside Chat
  2. THU 5/16: Binge on DopeAF Black Art 
  3. FRI 5/17: And Breathe—Practice Antiracist Yoga
  4. SAT 5/18: Get Purposeful & Activated—A Workshop
  5. SUN 5/19: Let Loose & Brunch

Our guests include Harvard professor and historian, Annette Gordon-Reed.

Annette single handedly rewrote the prevailing narrative about Thomas Jefferson and Sally HemingsShe’s currently helping Harvard reckon with its participation in and profit from slavery.

June 16 marks the 1976 Soweto, South Africa Student Uprisings—the beginning of the end of apartheid. To celebrate Black Freedom across oceans and history, we’re diving into Dope AF Black art with Jabulani Dlamini.

Jabulani’s work debunks the lie of white supremacy by inviting the viewer to look closer at personal and collective memory. His artwork will leave you shooketh!

You’re already all hot and bothered from the week and news and everything that’s plain ole batshitcrazy! Which is exactly why you’re gonna wanna Breathe with Antiracist yoga practitioner and founder of YogaRoots on Location, Felicia Savage Friedman.

Felicia is a powerful and invigorating teacher and speaker—peep her Creative Mornings talk on Silence. She’ll ground you in your body, where racism is stored. And yup, that def calls for radical self-love. 

Ok, Ok. I get it, we’re outchea changing the world. But when we gonna brunch? Cause I know you’re not skimping out on sipping drinks and talking shit. Am I right? Come ready to run your mouth. This Community Brunch is about us. You and me. We’ll do the ugly laugh/cry & hold each other up.

Plus a big announcement from me…

Did I mention all sessions are Free and Virtual? Why not bring a friend?

Can’t make the sessions live? I got you. Everything will be recorded and made available on demand, beginning June 20. Use the main sign up form here to stay in the loop.

Stay Sunday Easy,